| 4LEAF Ebike

1. OEM/ODM Service

We specialize in manufacturing OEM and ODM electric bikes, offering a diverse range of options including fat electric bikes, mountain electric bikes, and city electric bikes.


2. Warranty And Support

  1. Warranty Coverage:

    • Electric control parts: 1-year guarantee
    • Certain mechanical parts: 2-year coverage
  2. Prompt Support:

    • Inquiries addressed within 24 hours
  3. After-Sale Assurance:

    • Complimentary parts for dysfunction during the warranty period
    • Human-related maintenance: Replacement parts at factory price for the product's lifespan
  4. Enhanced Support:

    • Technical assistance via video calls
    • On-site visits for after-sale service and additional technical support as needed

3. Assembly Guide

  1. Complete Bikes for Wholesalers:

    • Orders arrive mostly assembled
    • Tools and assembly video included for easy assembly
  2. Individual Parts for Assembly:

    • Detailed bike assembly videos with step-by-step instructions
    • User-friendly materials, no need for professional mechanics to disassemble and reassemble bikes

4. Factory Price And Delivery

Flexible pricing options based on EXW, FOB, CIF, or DDP terms could be offered. Whether you prefer shipping by sea, air, or express, and we'll ensure a smooth transaction process tailored to your specific needs.


5. Pre-Order New Products

Once new products are launched, we inform our clients by email so wholesalers can plan and stock up. We offer better wholesale prices, ensuring dealers maintain good profits and stay competitive. Our commitment is to help clients stay ahead in the dynamic market competition.

Why Choose Us?

  1. 4LEAF ebike is a leading China-based electric bike manufacturer with over 14 years of expertise. We specialize in crafting high-quality electric bikes, motorcycles, and accessories. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has made us a trusted partner for many dealers worldwide.
  2. At 4LEAF ebike, we provide comprehensive OEM and ODM services. In addition to creating exceptional original ebike designs, we collaborate with wholesalers to produce customized ODM ebikes. Our skilled team of Chinese electric bike designers is ready to transform your ideas into innovative and brand-new ebike models. Choose us for exceptional products and services that showcase our dedication to quality and innovation in the electric bike industry.


What Can We Do For Wholesalers?

  1. Profit Maximization and Operational Ease: Maximize your profits and streamline the management of your ebike business for enhanced efficiency.

  2. Quality Assurance, Minimal After-Sales Hassle: Our commitment to quality ensures minimal after-sale service requirements, providing you with a reliable and durable product.

  3. Versatility through OEM&ODM: Choose from our original product line or explore customized options through our comprehensive OEM and ODM services.

  4. Swift Delivery: Experience fast and efficient delivery services, ensuring prompt fulfillment of your orders.

  5. Continuous Marketing Support and 24/7 Online Assistance: Benefit from ongoing marketing support and access our 24/7 online services, catering to your inquiries and needs at any time.

  6. Market Expansion and Business Growth: Partner with us to expand your market share and scale your business to new heights.

We welcome collaboration with global wholesalers, backed by a complete service system. Our dedicated after-sales service operates 24/7, providing immediate support to meet the needs of wholesalers seamlessly. Choose us for a partnership focused on your success.

Sbalitelný obsah

Where does 4LEAF locate?

4LEAF ebike is a global company. We locate in Hangzhou, China.

Can I mix different models in one container?

Yes, different models can be mixed up in one full container.

Can I order some samples at first?

No problem. We will try to make the sample a good offer for you.

Does 4LEAF ebike take throttle?

Most of our ebike comes with it unless the electric downhill or some bikes with weak power, like 250-350w, whose throttle doesn't work well.

What colors are available, can we attach our logo or brand on the bicycles?

Custom service is available here, not only about the color, but also logo, design, specification, new features and so on. It's the special part of 4LEAF.

Are goods in stock?

Most goods are always made to order, including the samples.