Cycling route recommendations for you

Cycling route recommendations for you

When choosing a cycling route, you can consider the following factors:


  • Distance and difficulty: Choose the length and difficulty of the route that suits you based on your riding experience and physical fitness level. Beginners can choose the flat trails, while experienced riders may enjoy taking on the more challenging mountain trails.
  •  Scenery and environment: Do you want to ride in the city, or do you prefer to enjoy the natural scenery in the suburbs or rural areas? When choosing a route you can consider your preferred environment and type of scenery.
  •  Traffic and safety: Traffic conditions and safety factors should be considered when choosing a cycling route. Try to choose sections with bicycle lanes or less traffic to ensure safe riding.
  •  Terrain and road conditions: Different terrain and road conditions have different effects on riding, such as mountains, villages, cities, etc. Choose the terrain and road conditions that suit your preferences and skills.
  •  Facilities and services: When choosing a route, you can also consider facilities and services along the way, such as restaurants, repair stations, water sources, etc., to ensure convenience during riding.


In the United States:

1.Pacific Coast Highway: This highway route along the West Coast of the United States is considered one of the most beautiful cycling routes in the world. Along the way, you can enjoy spectacular coastlines, stunning beaches and pleasant climate.


  1. Blue Ridge Parkway (Blue Ridge Parkway): The Blue Ridge Parkway in the east passes through the Appalachian Mountains. The scenery along the way is beautiful, especially in the fall, when the leaves change colors and the scenery is breathtaking.


  1. Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath (Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath): This route connects Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C., Maryland, passing through the beautiful Allegheny Mountains and picturesque canals trails.


  1. Going-to-the-Sun Road: Located in Glacier National Park in Montana, this route passes through the majestic Glacier Mountains with gorgeous scenery along the way.


  1. Natchez Trace Parkway: Connecting Nashville, Tennessee, to southern Mississippi, this historic route travels through beautiful southern scenery and historic sites.


Recommended cycling routes in Europe:

1.Denmark’s West Coast Cycle Route: This route offers a peaceful cycling experience along Denmark’s west coast, through scenic countryside and sandy beaches.


2.France's Loire à Vélo Cycle Trail (Loire à Vélo): This route follows the Loire River valley and passes through France's most beautiful castles and vineyards. It is one of the most popular cycling trails in Europe.


3.Flower Route in the Netherlands: This route is located in the Flower Park in the Netherlands, and you can enjoy the gorgeous pastoral scenery of tulips along the way.


4.Italy's Alpe Adria Cycle Route: This route connects Italy, Austria and Slovenia, crossing the Alps and providing a variety of cycling experiences.


5.Camino de Santiago, Spain: This ancient route was one of the main paths for Christian pilgrims, allowing them to experience the beautiful rural landscape and cultural heritage of northern Spain.


Recommended cycling routes in Australia

  1. Great Ocean Road: This is one of the most famous self-driving and cycling routes in Australia. It runs along the coast of Victoria and offers spectacular sea views and rocky landscapes along the way.


  1. Munda Biddi Trail: Located in Western Australia, this is a mountain biking trail that is approximately 1,000 kilometers long and passes through beautiful forests and natural landscapes.


  1. Tasmanian Trail: This is a cycle path across the entire island of Tasmania, traversing a rich variety of terrain and scenery, providing a unique cycling experience.


4.The Red Center Way: Located in central Australia, this route passes through stunning red deserts and canyons, making it ideal for exploring the Australian outback.


  1. The Great Southern Rail Trail: Located in Victoria, this is a bicycle path converted along an abandoned railway line. You can enjoy beautiful rural landscapes and small town style along the way.


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