Buying a Porsche for 9,000USD is not a dream!

Buying a Porsche for 9,000USD is not a dream!

Between an electric bike powered by pure electricity and an electric-assisted bicycle that still requires pedal power, which one would you choose?


In addition to traditional bicycle manufacturers turning to the E-Bike track, car companies such as Rolls-Royce, BMW, Tesla, and Porsche are also joining in the fun. Porsche, in particular, has embarked on a crazy acquisition mode. It first took control of the majority stake in the Croatian brand Grey.p, then fully acquired the German electric bicycle manufacturer Fazua, and established a joint venture with Dutch Venture Capital to deploy the production of Porsche brand E-Bike. . "Buying a Porsche with 9,000USD is not a dream" has become the reason why many people are tempted.


A report released by Precedence Research shows that the global E-Bike market size will be US$17.56 billion in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 6.49%, and is expected to reach US$40.98 billion by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 10% during the forecast period.

Europe is the number one market for E-Bikes. Data from the European Bicycle Industry Association and the Industry Foundation show that in 2020, global E-Bike sales were approximately 7 million units. Among them, the European market accounts for more than 5 million units, and by 2025, E-Bike sales in the European market are expected to jump to 12 million units, with a compound annual growth rate of over 20%.

According to Eurostat data, Germany is the largest E-Bike importer in the EU, with nearly 328,000 units, followed by the Netherlands with approximately 324,000 units, followed by France and Belgium with 178,000 and 76,000 units respectively.

The demand for E-Bikes in the German market has surged due to factors such as the energy crisis and recurring epidemics. Recently, a report released by Ebay Ads showed that in the first two quarters of this year, its sales of electric-assisted bicycles on its German site increased by 46%.

North America is also one of the main markets for E-Bike. Data released by the NPD Group shows that in 2021, E-Bike sales in the U.S. market will be approximately 900,000 units, and it is expected that this number will exceed 4.8 million by 2025.

The big reason is that pure electric bike cannot be driven on non-motorized lanes and require helmets, driver's licenses and insurance. In contrast, E-Bikes with a speed limit of less than 25KM/h are classified as bicycles. They can use dedicated bicycle lanes and do not require a driver's license. They are very convenient for people who need transportation and exercise.

Perhaps, the bright future of mopeds lies in the future. When the public’s awareness of bicycles rises a few levels, or when today’s group of bicycle enthusiasts remain enthusiastic about bicycles even when they can no longer ride, then mopeds will explode.

The following is a buying experience for those who are interested in trying ebike.


  1. Buy a ebikein a shop: We often remind consumers to buy ebikesin mature shops (that understand consumers), and the same is true for E-bike. Even the best battery system may go wrong. At this time, you need to push the bike back to the shop for repairs rationally. The time spent waiting for a cup of tea is worth it, rather than cheap deals online.
  1. Budget: What is easily overlooked when buying an ebike is the quality of the electric accessories. You have to remember what you want to buy. If the motor breaks, what is left? A clunky, weird-looking bike that’s hard to ride? Consider two things when buying: What is the quality of the bike? How is the quality of the motor? The prices of mopeds at different levels naturally vary. Of course, the current product value and price in this market are still roughly the same. If your budget is limited, try to choose a type of frame with a good motor system that matches it well, because if a good frame is equipped with a poor motor, you are just buying an extra good car. One of the big drawbacks of mopeds is their weight, even the lighter ones weigh 40 pounds. The weight will not have much impact when riding at a speed of 15km/h, but above the critical speed, heavier means greater energy consumption.
  1. Ebiketype: Mopeds can be divided into two types according to whether they automatically provide assistance. One type monitors the rider's pedaling conditions (trampling frequency, intensity and speed). If the system analyzes that the current rider is pedaling very hard, One will automatically provide assistance; the other is manually controlled by the rider, who can press the button to provide assistance based on personal circumstances.The motor system is mid-mounted or front/rear mounted. The mid-mounted motor unit can better cope with rough road conditions.
  1. Battery: Consider the quality of the battery, charging cycle, normal operating temperature of the battery, physical size and capacity of the battery, and whether it is replaceable. 
  1. Ebikeconfiguration: Study the transmission system, wheelset, front fork, and other accessories of the moped as you would if you were buying a mountain bike or road bike. 
  1. Field test: Let your body be in good contact with the ebike.


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