Top concern:Range of the ebike

Top concern:Range of the ebike

Main influencing factors:

  • Battery capacity: The larger the battery capacity, the longer the battery life. Common battery capacities are 5Ah to 20Ah.Of course, the brand and performance of the battery cell are also very important, needless to say.

  • Riding mode: Driving in electric mode consumes power faster, and in auxiliary mode consumes power slower.

  • Terrain slope: More power is required when going uphill, and the battery life is longer on flat roads and downhill.

  • Riding speed: The motor power will be greater when driving at high speed, and the battery life will be consumed faster.

  • Rider weight: The heavier the rider is, the more power the motor needs to provide, and the power consumption increases accordingly.

  • Ambient temperature: Low temperature will reduce battery performance and affect the battery life.

Typical cruising range:

  • Electric mode: 40-80km

  • Electric power mode: 60-120km

  • Pure human riding mode: 100-200km

Suggestions for extending the cruising range:

Use electric power reasonably and use human riding appropriately

Reduce high-speed driving and maintain a lower speed

Pay attention to tire pressure and braking effect to reduce unnecessary energy consumption

Check and maintain the battery in time to avoid excessive discharge

Choose roads with better road conditions to reduce uphill energy consumption

Control the load and do not overload riding

In short, the cruising range of electric bicycles is affected by many factors. Reasonable use and proper maintenance are the key to extending the cruising range.


About the choice of range

Evaluate your daily riding needs

How far do you usually need to ride? Does it include multiple short-distance rides such as commuting and shopping? Or do you occasionally need to ride longer distances?

Based on your actual riding situation, evaluate the appropriate cruising range requirements. For general urban use, a cruising range of 20-50km is sufficient.

Consider the impact of riding mode

If you ride more in electric mode, you need a longer cruising range, such as 50-80km.

If you prefer to ride in human + assisted electric mode, the range can be relatively short, such as 40-60km.

Pay attention to battery capacity and charging time

The larger the battery capacity, the longer the range, but the weight and cost will also increase accordingly.

You need to balance the relationship between range, weight and price and choose the right battery capacity.

Also consider the charging time, larger batteries will take longer to charge.

Leave a certain safety margin

It is recommended to choose a range that is slightly higher than your actual needs, leaving a certain safety margin.

This can cope with extra power consumption in special circumstances, such as encountering strong winds uphill.

Test ride actual evaluation

If possible, it is best to test ride models with different ranges before purchasing and experience them in practice.

This can better determine which range best meets your riding needs.

In short, it is important to balance various factors and choose the most suitable range of electric bicycles according to your actual use needs.


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